now I think we have finally gotten rid of tarzan trying to swing through the jungle with jane, so we can probably get back to our stuff



bitch is going around telling people to wash her clothes up at the classical laundry mat on 184 street, in the bronx, her high and mighty royal bitch ass is still in gutter telling the poor people to wash her fucking half breed slut clothes




i wash clothes bitch when i feel like it !




cracker bitch has a shrine to diana spenser in the grocery stores in the bronx almost every fucking store has that dead ass bitches name in it.


pionneer dioneer

morton williams



for those of you who are just checking in to the never end 6 year in the making long drawn out saga of brit boy cracker and his half breed trying to fuck and suck herself into crackerland.. ms akins is currently in a homeless shelter in the bronx, surrounded by spanish people that phil and elizabeth impoverished so they could live next door and try and fuck themselves.


for 6 years now they have been trying to convince ms akins and the town of her insanity, and by trying to make her take drugs....prescription drugs

so to give you a quick summary

ms akins came to the noble and honorable william and catherine booth salvation army homeless shelter, from their she was moved to another highly noble homeless shelter in the bronx so she could be trained to learn her place by some crackers...in this learn my place homeless shelter you have these two signs with william and harry name hidden in them..

from their she wound up in the retard homeless shelter, for training in socialism, communism, how to think she is spanish, and how noble it is to mop floor s and fuck janitors..this shelter masquerading as the name geel or jail..where they have installed these two spanish males using these ibegin.com station maps

if you go to the ibegin.com and click on pennsylvania link, you see these instructions in the names of the cities..these instructions are to

chambersburg...install ms akins in a chamber or a room

mechanicsville....install her their where there is this street that has nothing but mechanics and auto shops

butlerville...have her fuck megan and harry a butler or mechanic

philadelphia...phil....prince phillip....delphi  delphic oracle in greece

lebanon...have her fix this pre-cancer not on her face at bronx lebanon hospital


so you see interstate transporting of women for sex and breeding

and someone cause a precancer or knot in someone

and someone trying to get household staff to mop floors or wash clothes..but they have to know their place..

so we have job and income control..do not let ms akins work using her college degree...i have no respect for people with degrees and i want to exault myself over people with education.....until i get dragged into court and then appreciate my degreed lawyer as he is trying to save your crimminal perverted child molesting ass.


then while she is training to know her place..we have these english inspired gdk and bitnami stations..that the british keep putting their names and account numbers in codes on and sending to me...so I keep asking them why they keep putting their names and account numbers on these peverted things..so looks like someone is tryng to hand me perverted things from england..  but we dont seem to know why..



you should be aware of the fact that the lunatics operate this thing called codes or word in a word mysticism..very crafty and deeply satanic act, but they spend their day trying to max out on the codes..

so we are watching another episode of i think i can beat everyone in the codes  but fucking into existance these numerically sequenced children and high speed numerical sequenced names... and of course those who fail to match or copy my numericaly sequenced fuck show for kids, they should be put in jail, ridiculed, or insulted...


then we have the suicide mystics..because i am marrying slowly but baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalding harry everyone should die..so obviously she is a terribly imbecilic clown once again blinded by money..and titles, and over look what is just plain obvious..he has no hair at 30 something....

yes for money and titles and positions some women will fuck a bald man......

it brings up that old country bumbkin song with the lyrics

i wanna marry for money...he can even be ugly.....



now going along with the glee club, who is tring to put on a display of affluence and wealth to cover his obvious lack of just plain basic humanistic things...well we go into that later...so the glee club is roaming around on the internet web sites trying to keep us interested in the british upcomming circus show, why attempting to continue to train ms akins to know her place...which is these ibegin.com site maps fucking someone else in affluence servants....



so that seems to be the main performance, but their are several smaller performance that are designed to support the main act.

the spanish trying to convince us all that socialism and communism is right, and women should be held hostage with no income so he can train them using the gdk.mx and v90.us accounts that prostitution and hooking and even child molestion are viable options when someone is being forced into a gutter and denied basic human rights, civil rights, and constitutional rights so he can prove this to elite.



everyone on the internet should get a gdk.mx account...this is a classical sham...this is how stupid someone will play someone who doesnt know how to read a code...i built this huge orb with gdk. and then after i had it all built..one of their mystics said..hey ms akins you should read the codes in gdk.mx so i said that is not a word that has no codes in it.. he said it has codes in it ms akins...

the codes in this phrase...

go gd dk lc..go get your dick licked.so i said is this solictation for prostitution..and then he said that is why all those free-css templates have that prostitution look to them..they work with the gdk trying to turn women into hookers...and then he said you know for the last 5 years i have been watching you run out of food and someone saying to you each month...now that you are low on food what will you do to get food..will you hook for it..

so i said you mean that these people are intentionally running me out of food and supplies just so they can turn me into a hooker..you mean they have me out of my house and home and in a slum, and living like a animal so they can create me a prostitute, a hooker and whore..who could possibly come up with this fiendishly devilish and highly immoral activity, and why are they dragging people out of their houses and homes and trying to turn women with college degrees from respectable occupations to illegal activities.


so we have an investigation and you wont even begin to believe what we found and who we found at the very center of all of this...we have a inc magazine called "they are well respected you mean they did what".......wait, just wait until i show you with mr respectibilty and the picture of nobility has caused.




watch out for that movie sense and sensibility.. the man created from that archaic british bitch novel, a scene in it called I am too poor to buy sugar, this is a murder scene and it gives out instructions to have someone     buy sugar and then


                                                 dy by sugar          die by sugar or sugar diabetics


so someone has a mystic on ms akins who for 5 years is making her buy sugar so she can develop this sugar diabetes...so on my food stamp card is a record of all the purchases i have made and you should see a steady supply of 5lb bags of dominos sugar on those reciepts..showing someone operating that movie scene to have ms akins with some disorder called diabetics...



no going along with the glee club



what the fuck is the bitches problem, why these poor people have this dead ass bitiches name on grocery stores in the spanish town of the bronx...


also you have this strange activity... we will discuss it later



a riddle, you will never figure this out ...whose nose is so fucking long..it would take a saw..no just a saw ...a power saw just to shave off half of it..



for those of you who dont know anything about mysticism...i feel for you..i hope you learn it or what it is because these people are having a ball using this witchraft stuff....while you are sleeping they have this stuff in every nook and cranny,  in every institution, every government institution, tv, radio, movies, this stuff is like a plague and everyone has it and uses it mercilessly, but no one knows that it is their until it sneaks up and bites you....and when that stuff bites it can harm or even kill.


so this and all my internet stations and most of the stuff i do since I am myself a victim of all of this is simply designed to write and inform others as best I can of what this stuff is and who uses it what they are using it for.

In 1994 I lost a son at the age of 4 in a car accident in which my toyota 4 runner flipped over, and since that time I have been on the hunt to find out who caused that vehicle to flip over and cause the demise of my young son. not content with attacking my child over the years they level even greater attacks on me, my daughters, my husband, now after years of attacks, they have taken for reason the discreditation path.. that is blame her for all the shit that we did to her and her family, and since they cant prove we did this unless people know about witchcraft and how i use it to attack people..i can get away with it..

so the first thing to do is to show people witchcraft, the next thing to do is bring all of them up on charges for what they have done and what witchraft and other artforms to cause.. and the great thing about getting all of them is that they stand convicted in the work that they have made and caused..

knowing that people are just plain stupid when it comes to witchcraft or sorcer, and that most people still think in terms of a someone in a black pointed hat riding around on a broomstick, these people are running wild with what they do and cause in the society all because people dont know about witchcraft.


so my mission on my work is to expose witcraft, where it is and how it operates in the society, so that I can lay a foundation in this stuff to begin a long legislative and jucicial process to sue everyone involved in this process and eventually to go after those who caused that car accident in 1994 that took the life of my 4 year old son. I made a promise to him on the day of that accident that people who caused that would not go unpunished for what they did, and that they would be prosecuted for causing that car accident irregardless of the sneaky seedy and underhanded manner that they used to cause that accident.


now enough of the mushy stuff.. I have been made very tough in dealing with these people and their secretive and murdering art forms..and you people do not shy away from this, since that makes you a vicitm or a potential victim because of lack of knowlege..



now i have been studying this stuff for about 6 years, i am in no way the subject matter expert, all I know is based on personal experience, that is they attacked me and I recorded what they did during the attack. some of you may be more intelligent the subject matter than me..So I am always open to you correcting what you see in the blotter...


since for some reason I am constantly under attack by these people, I created this blotter to keep track of things...this is about the 5th or 6 of these that I have attempted to create..their mystics keep pulling it down..so eventually they piss me off bad enough, that I put another back up..so this is about the 10 or 11th time that I am writing this..

also keep in mind when i write this blotter it is from personal experience, I am writing this because I actually went through it, that is they attacked me and forced me to go through this..so these are my views and experiences going through what they have done.



what is mysticism, what is witchraft and why you......there is alot of things as to what witchcraft is and what it is not...now who do you think benefits from their being no clearcut distinction between what is and what is not witchcraft..so the practicioners of withchraft, the black arts or what we call at the station mysticism they spend a good deal of time trying to convince everyone in this country and around the world that this stuff doesnt exist or if they can convince you that it doesn t exist that the person telling you about it is some kind of nut, freak of nature, but what they forget to tell you is that they themselves have created the nut or freak of nature, just so that they can use that to cover their mystiism activities.

mysticsm is the time and sequenced ability that one person or a group of people have that enables them to control the thinking, mood, emotional state, behaviour and movement of another person, while both people are not physically in the same place or location.  everything else is created and bandied about in the society to through people off the path or the fact that people in the society possess the ability to control the thinking mood and emotional state, behaviour and movement of other people. so mood rings, my sign, my astrological sign, my horiscope these are false things, that are designed to through people off the path of mysticism.



why is knowing that important..because car accidents are caused by witchcraft causing people to look away from the road..so having the ability to turn someone head away from the road can cause a accident, a fatal accident..so controlling peoples behaviour and movement can be harmful.

people write out things called programs, skits and routines..that is they are like a movie..they write out scence and then they use witchcraft and movement and thought control to make people act out these skits, routines and programs..these people are forced do this..some of the programs and skits are quick and some are detailed going 2 to 6 sometimes even 20 to 30 years. brainwashing is also apart of this and brainwashing is tring to cleanse someones mind of their own thoughts and make them act or thing the mystics thoughts some mystics practice forced brainwashing that is they try and force out your thoughts and force you to comply with their thoughts and thinking using mishaps and emotional challenged situations that they create specifically to have to use to attack your thinking... slick mystics use argument styles and programs. AS A RULE OF THUMB NEVER ARGUE WITH A MYSTIC, HE HAS WRITTEN OUT ARGUMENT PLAN, WHAT I CALL LAWYERS ARGUEMENT,AND HE CAN ARGUE YOU RIGHT TO HIS OWN CONCLUSIONS WHICH CAN BE HARMFUL TO YOU OR TO OTHERS....their are different types of arguments styles and programs and all of them lead straight to mischief...anyone using witchcraft on you is trying to harm you..he may begin by aiding and assisting you to gain your confidence, but as soon as he sense he can put through this games, he will turn an go back to his murderous games...




so enough theory for the day, I was going acrross the net and I saw themes in their media, so it looks like they are after someone or something, so the them that I see to today is the blacks trying to take advantage of the british wedding..blacks practice this stupid form of witchcraft, that they call how to discipline black women and keep them fucking black males...so they usually string out black women on so white male and have him behave abusively, then they step in and say see, i told you you should have stayed away from white men, you should stay with the blacks..some degree of that stupidity..so if tou go accross the net they seem to be staging these punish black women who had been involved with whites....

it is a very black racist kind of activity and as black women you should be watchful of a handful of black males in the media who think it is their devine right to pick and choose fucking partners for black women, and when they cant, they resorts to stupid shit to make these women look at blacks verses whites.


eye mysticism

control of the eyes is similar to motion control..turning peoples eyes colors implys sickness, they have this thing that runs around in the body and this thing is vicious, it is used to attack body organs and it is used sexually attack women and children..we almost have it narrowed down to who has this thing and who uses it to attack, and most of the stuff i telll you about this is from personal experience with this thing moving around inside the body..now people will swear up and down that this thing doesnt exist, they will vehemetly deny this thing, and call the person who is talking about it a pack of names...but people..i have seen this thing in operation first hand, and like you i denied it existed until this person started moving that thing around in my vagina and sexaully attacking me with it, even suspending my conscieous though while he attacked me with this thing, and from that point on I have been looking for this people to bring them up on charges and prosecute them..

but as usually...no one knows that this thing exists and moves around in peoples bodies, and you can figure out why they vehemetly deny this thing, because  a whole bunch of women and children are being attacked by this thing a class action lawsuit is pending..and we have titled it in fun a "class action law suit to prosecute everyone involved in that thing that moves around in the body and vagina of women that everyone keeps denying exists".




volcanos... she is not all that angry......you are balding!





cancer, cancer and cancer


i am a marathon runner..imbecile has this thing that he used to cause my mouth to go dry just before i got to a hill..it was a kind of a joke or a game he was playing.  one day I noticed a knot on the side of my check and it was diagones as a non benign salivary gland but could become cancerous.

i also have a history of spitting .....in the titanic movie winslet is shown spitting..

so spitting = running with my mouth going dry just before a hill = knot on the side of the ear or salivary gland with possible cancer

so the one that is causing my mouth to go dry just before a hill = he can cause cancer and knotts

so cancer and nots is not a inheritable, it just happens, it is a caused activity via mysticism..

now ibegin.com site map put ms akins in a chamber,room..have her at bronx lebanon hospital... the hospital has the design of the knot on ms akins salivary gland in the floor design in the mri chamber..so this knott is knottingham in england caused by someone.

so a class action lawsuit filing crimminal charges for and against someone who can cause those knotts and subsquently cancer. so this lawsuit called the path to determine who can cause a knott and cause it associating cancer is going to be filed against a group of people we have in this knott program.


now the spanish people in the town keep trying to fuck ms akins.  they told her that because she escaped cancer that she should use this to fuck spics in the slums in the bronx. I am actually on my way to france and my future children are europeans from europe and that vow you keep pestering me with is for european children, not children apart of the stud the bitch fuck show in the slums that the british attempted to put on to impoverish me with the junk, the shit and trash of animals in the slum bitch ass circus shows...under job and income deprivation.